Kurt, Johanna, Kassia, Lukas and Matthias

Our family in Papua New Guinea | 2012

Ukarumpa and Aiyura Valley

Ukarumpa is SIL's center of opperations in Papua New Guinea and where we live and work.

Miniafia New Testaments from the dedication in 2010

"God is a Miniafia Man," the loincloth-clad speaker exulted! "Before He was English, and American, and Australian. But today He has become Miniafia!"

Doini Island

Photo by Tim McIntosh (SIL PNG's boat manager in 2008) | Many of the 100's of islands in PNG can only be reached by boat.

Where do you play when you live on an island?

Children from Nubwageta village playing near the shore.

Miniafia New Testament Dedication

New Testament dedications in PNG usually include elaborate processions to welcome the Bibles.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

God is good!

Dear Friends and Family,

We just wanted to let you know that Kassia and I (Kurt) are now back in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. We arrived Wednesday afternoon and are settling back in well, but are maybe just a little tired. Thank you so much for your prayers and support during this time. I cannot remember being anxious at any point during our medivac to Australia. I believe that God gave me a peace about the whole situation so I would be able to comfort and take care of Kassia.

Kassia is doing so much better now that she is back here in Ukarumpa with her friends and her mother and brother. She was so excited to come to be with them. Now that she is back, she is acting as if her arm is not broken. In one month’s time we return to Australia so that the wires holding Kassia’s bone together can be removed. Please pray for protection and healing for her arm during this month as she does not have a cast on (the doctor said it was not necessary). Thanks again.


Kurt for Kassia, Johanna and Luke too!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on Kassia

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for praying for Kassia.  I have talked to Kurt throughout the day today and he was able to tell me what happened. He says that he and Kassia were taken to the hospital right away when they arrived in Cairns yesterday afternoon.  They waited in the hospital room until about 6 pm and then Kassia had surgery on her arm. The doctor said she had a very delicate fracture. Kurt says she was in surgery for about an hour and a half. They had to put some "wires" to hold her arm in place.

They think she might be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.  However, the doctor also said that Kassia needs to be in Cairns again to get the “wires” removed from her arm in a month.

Please pray for us to have wisdom at this time.  We want to glorify Him with the decision we make and we are thinking about two different options. The first option is for Kurt and Kassia to come back to Ukarumpa next week (if the doctor gives her permission to come back this soon). The second option for them to wait in Cairns for a month until they can remove the wires from her arm, and Luke and I would join them there. 

Pray also because Kassia continues to be in a lot of pain and does not want to take the medication to relieve it.  And finally pray for our finances during this time.

As always God is faithful in meeting all of our needs. This morning some friends from Cairns, offered Kurt and Kassia to stay at their house instead of staying at a hotel. Thank you Lord!!!

In His hands,

Johanna (for the Metzgers)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pray for Kassia

Dear Loved Ones,

Kassia was playing on the monkey bars in our back yard this morning and she fell and broke her arm.  After doing an x-ray, the doctor at the clinic here decided that they could not take care of Kassia here and she needed to go to Australia. Kurt and Kassia went to Cairns, Australia at 12pm today to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon.

Praise the Lord that she was able to go on the scheduled Cairns flight, thanks to a few passengers who were willing to fly commercially in order to provide the space for Kassia, Kurt and the doctor. 

Please pray for them as they are away from home and pray that the doctors in Australia will be able to take care of Kassia's arm. Pray that her arm will heal quickly!


Johanna (for Kurt, Kassia, and Luke)

Friday, October 10, 2008

-- October 2008 Update --


(Sunrise over Kokopo, Papua New Guinea)

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family. Being here in Papua New Guinea, we always think about how we could not be here if it wasn’t for your very important part in our ministry!

In September, Kurt had the privilege to go to Encounter. Encounter is a spiritual retreat for the High School kids from Ukarumpa. 81 students ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade attended this year. Kurt was asked to help as one of the adult sponsors. He had four 12th grade guys in his cabin and four 9th grade guys in his discussion group. They traveled two hours from Ukarumpa towards Goroka and stayed at a training center run by New Tribes Mission from Friday to Tuesday. The last night 19 of the students were baptized. Kurt enjoyed getting to know the guys better and also learning from the Encounter speaker. It’s great for us to see how God is using Kurt’s unique experience growing up as a missionary kid in Colombia in relating to the kids here in Ukarumpa.

Scott-encounter-08 (211)

(Encounter 2008)

The Communication and Technical Services Department (where Kurt works) has experienced some changes lately. The manager of the department, Chris, had to leave suddenly as his mother was sick in Canada. She passed away shortly after he returned home. Now the current acting manager (filling in for Chris) is going on furlough and the SIL PNG directorate has asked Kurt to help out as the acting manager until Chris returns from Canada. Please pray as Kurt will be learning some new responsibilities for the time he is a manager.

Kassia just returned to school this week after a two week break. She enjoyed being at home more and playing with friends here and at their houses. We were also able to go to the river one day with a group of families and she loved swimming and playing at the river! I continue to teach her Spanish on the days she is not at school.


(Kassia with her friend Jadia)

Some of you might remember that my (Johanna’s) dream about coming to PNG, was to eventually be able to teach at the Ukarumpa International School.  I taught Bilingual kindergarten for almost 2 years in Texas before Kassia was born. Well, this week I received an email from the Principal at the Primary campus here; asking me if I would be interested in being a Mother Tongue Studies (MTS) teacher. I would be teaching those children whose mother tongue is Spanish. The Principal talked to the Associate Director for Member Services (who is over the schools here in Ukarumpa) and she is excited about this plan. The Primary Campus Principal will present our proposal to the School Board on Monday October 13th, and then we will know how to proceed. I have been asked to do some research on the curriculum we would use. I would probably start teaching at the end of January.

Luke is eating and growing a lot! He is eight months now and can sit unassisted. He’s not very interested in crawling yet, but he continues to move around by pushing himself on his back.

IMG_0760 DSC_4210

(Left: Luke eating banana. Right: Luke with his friend Ryland)

In Him,

Johanna (for Kurt, Kassia, and Luke)


-For Kurt’s job here in Ukarumpa and the opportunity he has to be help those who are translating the Bible into the many different languages of Papua New Guinea.

-For the good health we have been enjoying in the last couple of months.

-For Kassia’s school and her friends here in Ukarumpa.

-For the possible opportunity for me (Johanna) to be an Spanish MTS teacher.


-For the four of us to continue to have good health.

-For Kurt to have wisdom as he is the acting manager at the Communication and Technical Services Department for a while.

-For Johanna to have wisdom in preparing to teach in January.

-For Kurt and I to grow stronger in our relationship with God, and therefore to grow in our marriage.

-For Kassia and Luke to come to know Jesus as their Savior one day!