Kurt, Johanna, Kassia, Lukas and Matthias

Our family in Papua New Guinea | 2012

Ukarumpa and Aiyura Valley

Ukarumpa is SIL's center of opperations in Papua New Guinea and where we live and work.

Miniafia New Testaments from the dedication in 2010

"God is a Miniafia Man," the loincloth-clad speaker exulted! "Before He was English, and American, and Australian. But today He has become Miniafia!"

Doini Island

Photo by Tim McIntosh (SIL PNG's boat manager in 2008) | Many of the 100's of islands in PNG can only be reached by boat.

Where do you play when you live on an island?

Children from Nubwageta village playing near the shore.

Miniafia New Testament Dedication

New Testament dedications in PNG usually include elaborate processions to welcome the Bibles.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Wycliffe Invitation to Partnership


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

We don’t want to forget what life was like before we had the Word

We don’t want to forget what life was like before we had the Word

June 30, 2010 by Bob Creson

The single-engine plane circled and landed in a remote village in Southeast Asia. As translators Andrew and Anne Sims stepped out, they were immediately surrounded by several hundred Ketengban men and women—all dressed in full celebratory dress with feathered headdresses, and even some with bones in their noses, and plugs in their earlobes. Brandishing bows and arrows, hooting, chanting and dancing, they swirled in and around Andrew and Anne, honoring them by draping net bags around their necks.

Andrew and Anne were caught completely off-guard. Even though they were responsible for the Ketengban translation project and this was Anne’s first visit since the New Testament dedication 11 years earlier, they hadn’t expected such an exuberant welcome. They were further baffled when they noticed that not everyone was celebrating.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Enemy is Here | Impact of Bible Translation | PNG | Matt Petersen

My Enemy is Here | Impact of Bible Translation | PNG | Matt Petersen

“The LORD said, ‘What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.’” —Gen. 4:10, NLT

Sivini was ruthless. He took the lives of many people. He taught others to kill effectively and ordered the destruction of many Papuans listening intentlyof his enemies. His skills were highly respected by his people, and as a village elder, his word carried power in the Usarufa community.

Usarufa speakers live in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Their community and the nearby Kamano-Kafe language group have been in conflict for years. It began with a series of rapes and murders—soon it was all-out war.

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