Kurt, Johanna, Kassia, Lukas and Matthias

Our family in Papua New Guinea | 2012

Ukarumpa and Aiyura Valley

Ukarumpa is SIL's center of opperations in Papua New Guinea and where we live and work.

Miniafia New Testaments from the dedication in 2010

"God is a Miniafia Man," the loincloth-clad speaker exulted! "Before He was English, and American, and Australian. But today He has become Miniafia!"

Doini Island

Photo by Tim McIntosh (SIL PNG's boat manager in 2008) | Many of the 100's of islands in PNG can only be reached by boat.

Where do you play when you live on an island?

Children from Nubwageta village playing near the shore.

Miniafia New Testament Dedication

New Testament dedications in PNG usually include elaborate processions to welcome the Bibles.

Friday, October 12, 2012

{Metzger Ministry Update} October 2012 | "POC"

Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin. Therefore, as the Scriptures say, “If you want to boast, boast only about the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 1:30b-31 NLT)

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for your partnership with us through your prayers, financial support, and love for us. Thank you especially for praying for us while we were on staff at the Pacific Orientation Course (POC) from the end of July until the beginning of October.

We definitely sensed your prayers as we adjusted to being in a new house and around new people. Many of the students at POC were sick during the course but we managed to stay relatively healthy. It was a blessing for us to be in Madang (where POC takes place) to welcome the new members of our branch to the Pacific and to encourage them as they entered a new culture.


(Lukas and Matthias; Kassia)

Since we arrived at POC, Kurt worked on finding village houses and families to watch over the 7 families and 3 single ladies that attended the course. On October 5th, Kurt along with other staff took these students to be allocated with Papua New Guinean families and to stay there for 5 weeks, learning more about the language and culture of this country.

DSC_2661-2 IMG_3843-2

(Lukas; Kurt and Matthias)

I (Johanna) was the nursery coordinator for the course and there were 12 children in the nursery ages 8 months through 4 years old (sometimes the nursery had 16 kids counting 4 of the staff children). Kurt and I were also able to help for 6 weeks as facilitators during the Tok Pisin classes. There were 5 Tok Pisin groups led by a Papua New Guinean and assisted by one of us on staff.

Kassia enjoyed her time hiking, swimming, and learning more Tok Pisin. Lukas and Matthias loved being in the nursery and liked being able to go to the ocean once a week.

IMG_4040-2 IMG_3956-2

(Kassia; Matthias)

Every year UIS (Ukarumpa International School) high school students take a five-day retreat called Encounter to focus on their relationship with God. At the beginning of October I had the privilege of attending Encounter and being a cabin and discussion leader and sponsor while there. The 11th grade girls that I normally have a Bible study with in Ukarumpa also came.


(Johanna with her cabin group at Encounter)

Praise God with us:

  • For a fruitful time for us spent at POC as staff
  • For good health for our family while we were at POC
  • For a great time for Johanna at Encounter with the 11th grade girls

Please pray with us:

  • For the POC students as they spend 5 weeks in the village. For them to have good health, stamina, and strength. It can be a very challenging time for them. Pray that this time in the village will be a great learning experience and they can be a testimony to those around them.
  • For the students that attended Encounter to continue to cherish their relationship with God and be on fire for Him.
  • For a good transition for Kurt into his new role as the IT manager at the Communication and Technical Services department in Ukarumpa this week.

In His hands,

Johanna (for Kurt, Kassia, Lukas, and Matthias)